As a sixth-generation New Yorker, there’s no question that I love the city.

 There’s nothing that compares to the energy and liveliness of Manhattan. But when I need a change of pace, it’s out to the country for me. I’ve spent the past 25 plus years splitting my time between Manhattan and my cottage in East Hampton. I love the idyllic setting of Georgica Pond-- it’s not uncommon to see swans and their cygnets gliding across its surface. But lately, the pond has been suffering--overtaken by blue-green algae that threatens its health and vitality. Thats why I, along with other area homeowners, met last month to put a stop to the deterioration of our beloved pond. It takes a good dose of the Clanning Trend to fix a community problem, and I suggested we meet more frequently until the problem is resolved. With a little accountability and a lot of collaboration, we can work together to save our pond.

 Read more about the issue, which is not just limited to Georgica Pond, here