Let us show you where the Future is leaking in to the present...



Our new trend services:


1. TrendShare

Our Trend Strategists bring the best and buzziest places, people and things into your office–and open your eyes to the opportunities that await

An hour-long presentation by our Trend strategists incorporating all five senses


2. TrendTrek

We lead your team out of the office and into the pulse of culture.

One-day outings take you to where the Future is leaking into the present–in your backyard or across the continent–to jump-start innovation and inspiration

Whether a couple of hours to a full day, we collaborate to touch the Future and spark conversation as a path to creative problem-solving (a recent Trek led to the creation of a $400M brand)


3. CreativeHack

Offering expertise in Trend, Future-thinking and Culture, our team joins yours to brainstorm, bringing fresh perspective and provocative directions to your most challenging business issues

A half-day session constructs a perfect landscape for generating new solutions to old problems and engages your team in smarter thinking about Tomorrow