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The Future of Christmas Wishlists

November 15, 2019


Our Philosophy & Approach

Our Applied Futurism methodology and insights illuminate what’s next, so our clients’ brands and businesses can thrive into the next decade and beyond and it is the ability of our fearless visionaries to answer that question that has made Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve the premier strategic consultancy to the Fortune 500. With a 95% accuracy rate in seeing what’s ahead, we help our clients understand how to capitalize on the shifting consumer landscape.


We treat each project – whether brief or an ongoing – as an opportunity to partner closely with our clients. Together, we forge a path that illuminates the Future and use that foresight to innovate a brand or business. Whether that means identifying the white space in the marketplace, advising corporations on acquisitions, developing a breakthrough new product, or shaping brand messaging, our solutions have lasting, business-building impact.

Our Service

Brand Positioning: We identify the Future-proof perceptual space a Brand alone can own.

Trend University: We curate an Applied Futurism Master Class that leads to fresh, Futurized thinking, thereby stimulating a company’s growth and developing a team’s vision.

TalentBank Salon: We incite provocative conversations with our Future-thinking experts to illuminate Tomorrow’s opportunities today.



The Future of Christmas Wishlists

November 15, 2019

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