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Company Overview

Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve is an independent, innovative strategic marketing consultancy, spearheaded by renowned futurist Faith Popcorn.

Lauded for guiding the Fortune 500 toward their Best Futures, BrainReserve boasts an unparalleled 95% ACCURACY rate in seeing what lies ahead, and our recommendations have created billions of dollars in revenue for our clients through visionary new products, positioning, brand strategy and campaigns.

What is Futurism?

Futurism is the ability to detect Trends in business, politics, environmental issues, and human behavior amongst many other local and global factors that affect our everyday lives. Futurism continues to be a powerful tool for companies and organizations to foresee important Trends and translate them into business opportunities. When Faith Popcorn founded her firm over 40 years ago, the study and application of Trends to marketing was groundbreaking. Yet even 40 years later – today – BrainReserve remains the undisputed leader in the discipline of futurist marketing, regularly receiving industry awards, and the attention of the world’s press.

We Leverage Two Proprietary Approaches:

  1. Years ago, we codified 17 sustaining Trends that categorize deep societal and behavioral shifts and our proprietary TRENDBANK charts their progression, from two years to two decades out.
  2. BrainReserve’s TalentBank is a global roster comprised of 10,000+ Future-thinking experts whose insights and creativity inform every assignment.

Among its members, who range from visual artists to scientists studying the microbiome of the gut to artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) pioneers, are visionaries like:

Deepak Chopra:
Spiritual Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author

Majora Carter:
Urban Revitalization Strategist

At Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, we practice Applied Futurism, which involves painting an accurate landscape for Tomorrow, so that we can “back-cast” to today. We then plot a strategy for sustainable growth into the future.

Notable Achievements for our Industry-Leading Clients Include:

  • Created $4.2B opportunity via disruptive innovation and the first national home health services brand.
  • Drove double-digit growth for a popular birth-control pill (146% ROI)
  • Doubled household penetration for an OTC drug and won a new generation of loyal Millennials.
  • Added a $5B upside for a home-improvement company by capitalizing on the Millennial Rental Economy Revolution.
  • Delivered a $7B women’s business for an athletic leisurewear brand.

Whether it requires a one-hour FutureVision speech or a multi-year consulting relationship where we partner with you to create, launch, and guide a revolutionary brand, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve collaborates holistically with our clients and customizes our services to fit their unique needs.

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