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About Us

BrainReserve is an independent, innovative strategic marketing consultancy led by renowned Futurist Faith Popcorn.

Lauded for guiding the Fortune 500 toward their Best Futures, our breakthrough thinking has generated billions of dollars in revenue through visionary new products, positioning, brand strategy and campaigns.

Faith Popcorn was the first to apply the study of Trends to marketing, making her name synonymous with Futurism, creative ideation and business growth. For over 40 years, Faith has led the way in Futurist marketing. To this day, her ideas capture the attention of the global press, and she continues to appear on lists of leading Futurists.

BrainReserve uses Applied Futurism to reveal what’s next, so brands and businesses can thrive into the next decade and beyond. We show you how to capitalize on the shifting consumer landscape by predicting what’s ahead with unparalleled accuracy.

The core of our practice is Applied Futurism — the ability to align brands with emerging cultural forces, enabling them to be First to the Future. For more than four decades, we’ve been using our validated and documented approach to:

  • Explain and predict the way we will live
  • Map the landscape and marketplace in which products and services will compete
  • Predict the full range of Future consumer behavior
  • Define the strategies and innovation platforms that will align brands and businesses with their best Future

We treat each project as an opportunity to partner closely with our clients as we outsmart their challenges. Together, we forge a path that illuminates the Future and use it to innovate a brand or business. Whether that means identifying the white space in the marketplace, advising corporations on acquisitions, developing a breakthrough new product, or shaping brand messaging, our solutions have lasting, business-building impact.


For over four decades, FPBR’s unique mix of IP and expertise has consistently delivered game-changing innovation and business strategies for our clients’ Future trajectories — from today to decades out. Learn about the tools that set us apart:

FPBR TrendBank
Our 17 Culture-shaping Global Trends serve as a coding system to define and predict consumer behavior and the Future landscape for your products and services. The TrendBank is unparalleled in predictive accuracy (95% as independently assessed by sources such as Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times) and as an engine of successful product and service innovation.

FPBR TalentBank
We converge the leading thinkers of our time across a broad and diverse cross-section of the Culture, including academics, bioethicists, journalists, social networkers and everything in between. Our TalentBank is uniquely valuable for its members’ ability to imagine the Future. They help us ignite brilliant thinking and shape actionable insights to contextualize your marketplace of the Future.

FPBR Voice of Customer (VoC) Panels
We custom impanel groups of target consumers, aggregated and accessed online, for qualitative or quantitative exploration on everything ranging from insight discovery and concept exploration to an innovation optimization engine. Our consumer groups have been used worldwide for short-term polling, longitudinal studies and even extended ethnographies. FPBR’s online interface can expose all research stimuli, from written concepts and product/service prototypes to finished communications.

FPBR’s InCulture Marketing Model
InCulture is FPBR’s proprietary method in which we:

  • Understand the subculture(s)
  • Find the influencers
  • Create a platform for conversation
  • Execute through our 4P model – Partners, Places, Press and Products

InCulture Marketing harnesses the power of “Culture as media.” Not only has this model proven remarkably efficient compared to conventional media, but it is also unparalleled in its ability to effect desired outcomes. It works because ideas for change and transformation are woven into the DNA of the Culture. InCulture Marketing provides everything needed to inform and guide all facets of traditional and non-traditional communications and media.


Examples of our achievements for industry-leading clients:

  • Created a $4.2B opportunity via disruptive innovation and the first national home health services brand.
  • Drove double-digit growth for a popular birth-control pill (146% ROI).
  • Doubled household penetration for an OTC drug and won a new generation of loyal Millennials.
  • Added a $5B upside for a home-improvement company by capitalizing on the Millennial Rental Economy Revolution.
  • Delivered a $7B women’s business for an athletic leisurewear brand.


Whether it’s a one-hour speech or a multi-year consulting relationship, FPBR collaborates holistically with our clients and customizes our services to fit their needs. Let’s discuss yours.

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