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Case Studies

In its 40+ years, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, in such fields as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Food and Beverage, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, and beyond.

Our Future-focused strategic consultancy consistently wins assignments from the world’s top businesses and delivers exceptional results. Through our practice of Applied Futurism, we have imagined Tomorrow and created the brands, products, strategies and messaging that have built sustainable success stories that future-proof our clients.By partnering with them in a completely customized way, we not only show them everything about the Future, but we mine what it means for their business, and how we can use our insights to build sustainable success for their Futures.

Whether creating a new, Millennial-friendly brand for a legacy pain reliever; developing an innovative beverage that addresses the modern consumer’s need for better sleep; or showing a global bank how to speak to the customer of Tomorrow, we pride ourselves on delivering brilliant strategic work and forging lasting bonds with our clients. Our proprietary methodology unlocks ongoing cultural relevance and generates consumer-compelling strategies.


Our 17 known cultural & societal undercurrents, first identified by Faith Popcorn, explain and predict the fluctuating dimensions reflected in the human experience as they evolve to define the consumer behaviors of Tomorrow.



From Slaughterhouse to Powerhouse

Tyson acquired International Beef and Pork to become the largest protein purveyor on the planet. However, it was losing share to private label and needed to connect with the consumer and stand for something in...

The Home Depot
Unlocking the Millennial Rental Market

The Home Depot catered to home buyers. But to Millennials, the largest cohort in history – one that is having a huge and lasting impact on our economy – are not buying homes like previous...

Coca Cola
The Future of Sleep

Coca-Cola Japan realized during 25% of the day, people were not consuming any of their products – during their 6 (or less) hours of slumber. And, often Japanese businessmen work so hard they don’t sleep,...

The Future of Pain

The trusted Tylenol brand found itself retreating as the competition was accelerating. A majority of its volume was with 50+ consumers, and the brand was losing market share with young consumers. These Millennials found Tylenol...

Lo Loestrin Fe
Building a HeathStyle Brand

Case Study: Lo Loestrin

Constellation Brands
From Total Beverage Alcohol to Total Mood Management

Case Study: Constellation Brands

SC Johnson
Building a HeathStyle Brand

Case Study: Lo Loestrin

Business Model Reinventions Beyond the Pill

Case Study: Pfizer

From a Commoditized Pipe to Connected Living Ecosystem

Case Study: COMCAST

EVEolving the Brand to Embrace Women