Case Study:


Lo Loestrin, the most effective birth control with the lowest amount of hormones, found that the majority of its volume came from teenaged girls who were first time users or perimenopausal women managing hormones. However, Lolo had been unable to capture the biggest volume opportunity on the market, sexually active women in their 20s wanting to prevent pregnancy.


Young women were a very different consumer than this conservative pharmaceutical company was comfortable or had experience with attracting. Another factor was that she was becoming Immune to conventional TV & print marketing. She preferred to dialogue with Brands in the Culture, often through social media. She wanted to co-create the conversation, not be ‘sold to’ and instructed about who she’s ‘supposed’ to be.

To win her, Lolo needed to have an honest voice, a bold point of view and a fierce sense of style, connecting with her like an ‘in-the-know’ older sister vs. a paternal older male doctor.


To transform Lolo into a Lifestyle Brand.

From #1 Birth Control Brand to a Top 10 Brand for Millennial Women

From a Pill to an Accessory

From Being Chained to the Pharmacy to Popping Up in Her Life


Launch a Cultural Movement sharing her her truth; “I don’t feel like myself when I’m on the pill, so the less I take (without getting pregnant), the better.”

The Strategy:

The less crap in and around me, the more I can be myself.

The Product Positioning:

Lo Loestrin’s point of differentiation is that it contains the lowest amount of hormones and side-effects among all birth control pills on the market.

The InCulture Idea:

#AcutallySheCan—a Cultural movement, born from her own words, “to ditch the crap in my life” and be her more empowered self.

FPBR Proprietary InCulture Model:

Way before our Lolo work we had successfully applied our proprietary four quadrant model that weaves a Brand seamlessly into a particular culture, in this case that of millennial women. It consists of which People the Brand hangs with, in what Places does the Brand appear, what Press covers the events of the Brand and what innovative Products emminate in and around the Brand.  Here is an example of how the model was executed. In actuality each quadrant contained as many as 30 actions and success depended upon all the quadrants launching several actions at the same time for cultural saturation.

People: Celebrity Ambassadors, such as Lea Michele, Emmy Rossum and Ashley Tisdale share personal ‘Less/More’ pledges on their social platforms.

Places: Sponsor women filmmakers for Tribeca Film Festival to tell the stories of other Women achieving in non-traditional fields. Launch event hosted by the Brand’s uber ambassador, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Press: Invented a character called Lolo, charmingly drawn, who reflects the trials and tribulations of a young woman navigating her life.

Products: A beautifully designed sleek case that seamlessly holds their Lo Loestrin birth control pills as well as their life appendage–their smart phones.


7.5 Billion Impressions without any TV or Print

+12% Among Younger Consumers

+21% ROI in 1st Year

146% 5 Year ROI


Davey Award for Marketing Effectiveness: Integrated Campaign

W3 Best Integrated Campaign: Pharmaceuticals

Medical Marketing & Media: Favorite Campaign Editor’s Choice


“We never could have achieved this success on our own.”

Herm Cukier
VP Women’s Healthcare, Allergan

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