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The Radical Reinvention of Work

June 17, 2020

If you knew everything about tomorrow…

What would you do differently today?

If you knew everything about tomorrow…

What would you do differently today?

Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve

A History of The Future

Original Futurist and best-selling author, Faith Popcorn is renowned for her extraordinary ability to position brands and entire corporations to succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of Tomorrow. With her provocative company, BrainReserve—the preeminent think tank of future-focused market researchers, trend trackers, and trailblazing thought leaders from diverse industries—Faith has garnered a documented accuracy rate of over 95% in forecasting everything from technology to nutrition to personal care.

/ 2019

Marijuana Market to Bloom

Advised Big Food and Pharma that Missing Cannabis is akin to Missing the Internet

/ 2018

“The Future of Masculinity”

Introduced Gender Fluidity in “The Future of Masculinity” at Cannes Lions

/ 2010

Embracing Feminism

Predicted the "SHE-cade," The era between 2010 to 2020 embracing feminine values, business style and ethical relationships with the consumer

/ 2000

Personal Ethics to Drive Consumer Decisions

Predicting consumers would begin shopping more with their hearts and minds and less with merely their wallets, brands were cautioned consumers would begin to buy only from companies whose ethics aligned with their own.

/ 1998

"Fast Food" Becomes "Junk Food"

Warned McDonalds the Smoking Police would find a new target in Fast Food

/ 1991

“The Popcorn Report” Debuts

Published Best Selling book, “The Popcorn Report”

/ 1993

Delivering Online Shopping

Advised P&G that Internet buying and home delivery would quickly replace supermarkets

/ 1990

"Do It Herself" Movement

In response to shifting trends and female empowerment, Stanley Tools was told to targeting women would increase their market share by breaking into a previously-untapped segment.

/ 1989

Uncapping the Bottled Water Market

Advised Coke to Bottle Water because "blue" would be the next "green"

/ 1987

"Filmless Future" for Kodak

Despite dominating the photographic film market for most of the 20th century, Kodak was warned to prepare for the once-unfathomable "filmless future." It didn't.

/ 1981

The Emergence of the "Cocoon"

Named and Framed the Trend Cocooning; meaning that humans would live, work and mainly live at home

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Tomorrow’s trends, Today


These 17 known cultural & societal undercurrents, first identified by Faith Popcorn, explain and predict the fluctuating dimensions reflected in the human experience as they evolve to define the consumer behaviors of Tomorrow.


“Today is yesterday.”

— Faith Popcorn


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Mari Kussman

Designer & Technologist

"We’ve done creative fashion collaborations with technology, like superhydrophobic textiles that you pour water on and it drips off or UV-sensitive printed clothes that change when you go out in the sun."

Valeria Brandini

Business Anthropologist & Communicologist

"In Brazil, younger women are gaining more power. They are raised by women who worked and found their places in the world. Now, you can't go back. You cannot be a housewife anymore."

Tom Pearson

Artistic Director & Immersive Media Specialist

"There's a cultural shift happening. It isn't that a Millennial comes along and they're just a Millennial in their expectations forever, they're also growing up and changing and getting things done."