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Upcoming Events with Faith Popcorn

As the world is reeling with political/financial/environmental/cultural turmoil, creating emotional uncertainty, there has been extraordinary interest in an accurate view of the what’s coming.  It’s been my pleasure and my life’s mission to illuminate the decade(s) ahead.

Future Gigs:

September 13, 2023 Future Forces for IMG Media, Cotswolds, England

September 21, 2023  What Comes Safter Z? A Futurist Meets a New Generation of Workers for Indeed, Atlanta GA

October 2023 Fireside Chat for Global Marketing Summit & Exhibition

October 16-19 2023 AdWeek New York, NY

November 2023 Future Forces for Dubai Future Forum, Dubai

January 12, 2024 Future of Longevity for CES, Las Vegas NV


Prior appearances have included: Adweek, Arab Innovation Forum, Cannes Lions, The Economist, NASA, Fast Company, SXSW, WSJ Future of Everything, and much, much more.

I can deliver my presentations through my avatar, in person, or on Zoom/Microsoft Teams. Would you like to have a Zoom or an in-persona convo and witness these FutureForces for yourself?

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Applicable Trends


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Upcoming Events with Faith Popcorn

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