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Case Study:

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Info-graphic that explains how futurist Faith Popcorn leveraged four of her Trends to transform Coca-Cola's business.

Coca-Cola Japan realized during 25% of the day, people were not consuming any of their products – during their 6 (or less) hours of slumber. And, often Japanese businessmen work so hard they don’t sleep, creating a lack of focus during the day when they need it most. In addition, their health and wellness were being negatively affected, which was a growing concern among the Japanese.


Create an entirely new productive daypart for Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. – Sleep


Develop a drink that boosts the naturally restorative power of sleep, making as little as four hours feel like eight. Make what sleep people do get work harder for them.


Successful test and launch of sleep drink, Yumeru Relaunch as Glaceau SleepWater

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