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Case Study:

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Info-graphic that explains how futurist Faith Popcorn leveraged three of her Trends to transform Tyson Chicken's business.


Tyson acquired International Beef and Pork to become the largest protein purveyor on the planet. However, it was losing share to private label and needed to connect with the consumer and stand for something in the marketplace.

Transition a company that believed themselves to be in the agri and chicken-based commodity business into a consumer-centric world player: A brand that cares about the consumer and addresses his/her emerging needs. This was framed by the fact that the pace of daily life was accelerating dramatically and consumers were craving new ways to keep up and attain better health.

Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve discovered the emotional and functional benefit provided by protein; it satisfied the consumer’s need to deal with a stressful, nonstop life and an array of responsibilities. With this, we created a new vision for Tyson: A company that is deeply connected to the consumer and his/her needs. Energy from protein powers people hours longer than sugars, carbs or fats, and Tyson was perfectly positioned to own this. Tyson became the company “Proudly Powering The World.” The new positioning was rolled out globally, first to employees – from executive offices to factory floors – then to consumers.


Thanks to the work of Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, Tyson enjoyed double-digit sales increases in chicken and pork, and the company’s stock price soared from $9 per share to $17.

“The Powering positioning and strategy from Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve has impacted our company tremendously. It’s transforming, worthy of an HBR case study”

—Bob Corscadden, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Tyson Foods

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