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Apply the Future

Build the best Future path for your business.

Get a clear vision of your short and long-term Future, highlighting potential opportunities and threats.


Company Future Vision / Future-Correct Positioning: We’ll collaborate with you to design the Future-correct reframe for your company based on how the world will evolve. We often discover adjacencies highlighting the business you should be in and could be in to add incremental revenue to your portfolio. 

Future-Correct Portfolio: FPBR will create a strategic roadmap that projects your Future growth opportunities in the Now, Next and Future. It includes exploring what businesses you could jump-start, invest in, or acquire and what innovation concepts, services, products, and channels you should build. 

BrainBurst Ideation: We’ll coordinate your “The Future is Now” BrainBurst Application Session with TalentBank Futurists, including innovators and entrepreneurs, who will lead your team to generate immediate opportunities. Each of them will prepare written submissions of their ideas and solutions based on an initial brief. Finally, we’ll facilitate an online session where the innovators will pitch their concepts to you in a “Shark Tank” style panel.

Future Valuation: We’ll help you analyze market sizing for incremental to longer-term gains and collaborate on valuation. FPBR will also separate potential market size into three timeframes (Now, Next and Future) and facilitate a team discussion to prioritize areas of opportunity. The deliverable from this Future Valuation is critical to building an air-tight business case for internal and external investment.

Apply the Future to Your Business with FPBR

Join the Fortune 500 companies that trust FPBR to work with them to Apply FutureThinking to their businesses. Specifically, we:

  • Show you how to beat competitors in your category by adjusting for the Future Trends that will shape and modernize your business. 
  • Build the capabilities your team will need for Future success, including innovation, adaptability and creativity.
  • Provide insight into emerging technologies and Trends in your space, igniting creative, strategic thinking about your future direction.
  • Develop strategies to navigate and shape your organization’s Future.


See how our work with J&J’s Tylenol led to their successful application of Future Trends.


“You have opened a window for us, a unique keyhole view into 2030. A number of your Trends are allowing us to pressure test product and service concepts relevant to the Cocooning related use cases.” — Jon Molod, SVP, Strategy & Planning, Xfinity Consumer Services, Comcast


“We never could have achieved this success on our own.” — Herm Cukier, VP Women’s Healthcare, Allergan


“BrainReserve, it’s a very different kind of vision, a different kind of approach, the right kind of answers.” — Debra Coughlin, EVP, CMO Citi Brands, Citibank


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Contact us to learn how FPBR can help you Apply the Future to protect your business and create lasting growth.





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