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Ignite Your Future

Provoke new possibilities beyond today.

Ignite your organization with a fresh perspective on Future Tech and Trends to spark new ideation and innovation.


Speaking Engagement: We’ll guide you on a thought-provoking exploration of how our FutureForces will impact Culture in the near and coming years. Recent topics include What’s Next in Health & Wellness, Welcome to the Metaverse, Integrating ChatGPT and Emerging Models of Masculinity. Learn more.

MasterClass: Think like an Applied Futurist. Learn and use FPBR’s proprietary methodology to identify the emerging disruptive forces that will shape your Now, Next, and Future.  

BrainJam Series: Tackle Hot and Hotter topics in a series of workshops. In these collaborative brainstorming experiences, we’ll jolt your team with our unique POV on the rising trends shaping your Future — from now to a decade out. Use our BrainJam model to identify easy near-term wins such as new products, technologies, and surprising segments.

TalentBank Live!: Choose a cross-disciplinary panel of TalentBank Futurists who will share their unique POV on your topic, challenge, or interest. Take in original thinking on emerging opportunities for your business in a radically changing landscape, including brand-new categories and amazing products. TalentBank Live! has tackled topics such as Branded Spaces, Immersive Technology, DE&I, Digital Currencies, and AI with ChatGPT and DALL-E, its visual-creating sister.

TrendTrek: The author John Le Carre once remarked, “a desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” We agree. Get out from behind your desk as FPBR guides your team through a curated selection of cutting-edge locations and dramatic experiences designed to inspire innovation. Together, we’ll explore the places where the Future bleeds into the present and use them to spark new ways of thinking. Recent themes include: Welcome to the Metaverse, Beyond Biology Tech, and The Robotic Evolution. Peek into a recent TrendTrek.

Why Use FPBR’s Ignite Services?

Join FPBR clients such as Apple, Campbell’s Soup, Citibank, Nike, Pfizer and P&G. Our Ignite services will:

  • Inspire original product development and brilliant marketing strategy.
  • Enable data-driven decisions by strengthening your understanding of current and new target audiences.
  • Navigate cultural intelligence so you can foresee and plan for coming cultural shifts — staying way ahead of the curve.
  • Provide deep insight into consumer places and spaces, highlighting important but overlooked trends, peculiarities and preferences.
  • (Re)position your brand or company for greater effectiveness in your current and potential marketplaces.


“Thank you for spending some time with us yesterday and taking us on a mind-bending journey toward the future….The hour felt like ten minutes, and the team really enjoyed the experience!” — Ashley McEvoy, Former Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson Vision & Diabetes Care Companies


“FPBR gave us a new positioning, strategic vision and a compelling route to success in new markets.” — Barbara Krumciek, Former CEO, Calvert Investments


“As usual, Faith Popcorn is one step ahead of anybody else. Her prescient thinking is brilliant, intriguing and thought-provoking.” Martha Stewart


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