Futurize with FPBR

Accurately paint the paradoxical landscapes of tomorrow.

Anticipate and prepare for changes that will impact your company’s long-term success.


FutureScape: What lies ahead for your organization? What should be the Future of your brand? FutureScape illuminates answers to these questions using trend-based foresight to unearth new growth paths. Drawing on our TalentBank Futurists and proven TrendBank, FutureScape is one of our most in-demand offerings because it: 

  • Identifies hidden needs of your current and Future customers
  • Articulates the Future-proof perpetual space your brand alone can own
  • Imagines next-gen solutions you can monetize for in the Now, Next, and Future
  • Locates emerging technologies and illustrates the Future business you should be in

We’ve used FutureScape to transform every type of business in the Fortune 500, including those in CPG, Finance, Pharma, Healthcare, Tech, Travel, Telecom and other industries. Past topics we’ve explored within this program include Future of Water, Women, Wealth Management, Eyecare, Technology, Medicine, Mobility & Connection and more. 

Trend Framework: FPBR will create a Global FutureView Framework for your company. This Framework codifies the major Trend forces that will impact your growth opportunities, including country-specific cultural nuances. We will define the Need States associated with each TrendForce pattern and measure the velocity of the Trend force to quantify how quickly it will gain traction InCulture. FPBR will also develop fully articulated Innovation Platforms for your organization. 

We’ve created hundreds of Trend Frameworks for clients, including Danone, Pepsi, and Constellation Brands.

Futurize with FPBR for a Competitive Advantage

Join the Fortune 500 companies that trust Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve to help them futurize. FPBR will:

  • Identify and analyze the Future trends that could impact your industry with 95% accuracy.
  • Help you anticipate and prepare for all the changes affecting your long-term success — from demographics and regulations to technology and ingredients.
  • Create strategies and plans to mitigate risks and capitalize on potential opportunities over a 3-10 year timeframe.
  • Foster a culture of innovation and adaptability.


See how we helped Tyson Foods Futurize.


“The Powering positioning and strategy from FPBR has impacted our company tremendously.” — Bob Corscadden, Chief Marketing Officer, Tyson Foods


“Their insights led to the successful launch of our female-focused initiatives.” — Clare Hamill, Vice President, New Business Development, Nike


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